Alcon, a global leader in eye care, collaborated with Boston Healthcare to conduct a Time-and-Motion Study to support the value communication of its novel swept-source optical coherence tomography biometer, ARGOS®. In addition to superior acquisition rate compared to standard biometers, ARGOS features integration capabilities with Alcon’s VERION® image-guidance and the Alcon Cataract Refractive Suite inside the operating room (OR). Boston Healthcare collected real-world observational data with Principal Investigator Dr. Lawrence Woodard and was able to demonstrate substantial time efficiencies using ARGOS.

BHA’s observational research team is made up of experienced individuals specializing in outcomes research including study design, patient identification, data analysis, and publication expertise. BHA planned and executed the Time-and-Motion Study and developed a customer-friendly value model, demonstrating the potential time savings to cataract surgery sites from the adoption of ARGOS. For this Time-and-Motion Study, BHA collected time measurements for 22 cataract patients in the reception area, clinic, LenSx room and OR. The model demonstrated that for 1,000 patients, ARGOS can save up to 74-hours and 24 minutes (~4.5 mins/patient). Alcon will utilize the results from the study and the value model as a sales aid, enabling practices to toggle between different practice-related scenarios and evaluate the time savings that can be achieved at their practice by adopting ARGOS.

BHA submitted two abstracts from this study – one to the American Academy of Ophthalmology (AAO) 2020 Conference (28% acceptance rate for posters) and another to the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research, Europe (ISPOR-EU) 2020 Conference. Both were accepted as poster presentations. The ISPOR abstract, titled, Time Efficiencies Associated with an Innovative Optical Biometer in Cataract Surgery Planning- A Time-and-Motion Study, can be found here, and will be published in the upcoming Value in Health Journal (December 2020 Issue, Volume 23 and Issue S2).

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