Below you’ll find a variety of recent webinars presented by the team at Boston Healthcare Associates. We will regularly update this library of free life science webinars as we continue to produce them throughout 2020. If you have any specific questions about the webinars presented below, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Implementing Precision Medicine: Diagnostics Policy Considerations for Biopharmaceutical Innovators

Presented by Joseph Ferrara and Adam Crowther

In this webinar, participants will learn about the need for diagnostics policy monitoring and engagement to support development and access for precision medicines.

Demonstrating the Clinical Utility of Next Generation Sequencing in Oncology

Presented by Joseph Ferrara and Shivang Doshi

This webinar will explore the current clinical and lab adoption landscape for NGS in oncology. Learning objectives include coverage and reimbursement or funding landscape for NGS in the US, Europe, and Japan, and value propositions of NGS and comprehensive genomic profiling in oncology.

How Biopharma & MedTech Companies Can Demonstrate Value Under Recent ICER Updates

Presented by Jordan Hinahara and Tom Goss

Attendees will learn how biopharma and medtech innovators can optimize engagement with ICER under the updated 2020 value framework, how ICER’s new evaluation may impact your technologies and how to best prepare for and participate in the evaluation process.

2020 NGS Testing Reimbursement Overview

Presented by Joseph Ferrara and Michael Sanderson

In this informative webinar, PierianDx and Boston Healthcare examine the evolving landscape of NGS test reimbursement and provide strategies for improving the level at which your organization is reimbursed.

Addressing Evidence Development Requirements for Improved Market Access of Orphan Disease Therapies

Presented by Tom Goss and Tony Bower

Attendees will learn about current standards for HTAs, Assessments of disease burden, the strengths & limitations of available methods of data capture, and key challenges & potential solutions in identifying relevant data sources.