Carefully targeted reimbursement and market access strategies are the key to successfully launching new products in today’s cost-conscious healthcare environment. Our keen understanding of the often conflicting objectives and motivations of healthcare system stakeholders allows us to create actionable reimbursement strategies that support the range of reimbursement activity — from planning through implementation and ongoing support.

Boston Healthcare has a strong understanding of reimbursement/funding processes for pharmaceutical products, diagnostics, and medical devices, as well as the changing trends in the delivery of healthcare throughout the US, Europe, and other global markets (including emerging markets).

To aid our clients in gathering the necessary evidence for demonstrating a product’s clinical and economic value, Boston Healthcare provides access to key stakeholders and decision makers (both medical and pharmacy) through our panel of global market access experts and government and commercial payers. Our research panel contacts provide insights to help assess and drive positive coverage and decision making and include private managed care organizations (MCOs), preferred provider organizations (PPOs) and indemnity insurers, pharmacy benefit management organizations (PBMs), technology assessment firms, and Medicare and Medicaid as well as hospital and provider organizations, physicians, KOLs, and patients.