Navigate a Complex Policy and Payment Environment to Unlock Value

Payers and health systems are seeking value, demanding more from novel drugs, devices, and diagnostic technologies than ever before.  Stakeholders need to understand how new technologies and services deliver better outcomes and an improved patient experience while controlling costs.  Boston Healthcare has a deep understanding of the global payer landscape, including government and private payers.  We also go beyond policy makers to understand financial risk at the hospital or health system level, to better align the value our clients deliver with the expectations of reimbursement and funding stakeholders.

Boston Healthcare’s global panel of payer and health technology assessment leadership, combined with a rigorous understanding of the clinical and economic burden of disease, allows us to build strategic reimbursement roadmaps that address everything from coding, to policy, pricing, and evidence development.  And with our implementation expertise, BHA is with you every step of the way, delivering the tools that help you communicate and capture value.


  • Reimbursement Assessment and Strategy
  • Pricing Strategy
  • Evidence and Market Access Roadmap
  • Coding Analysis and Implementation
  • Value Communication Tools

Case Studies

Global Market Access Strategy for Companion Diagnostic Test

Case Study - Global Market Access Strategy for Companion Diagnostic Test

Reimbursement Strategy for Digital Diagnostic and Therapeutic Platform

Coming Soon


Reimbursement and Evidence Development Strategy for Therapeutic Device

Coming Soon


Pricing, Evidence, and Access Strategy for Specialty Pharmaceutical

Coming Soon


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