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An Overview of Digital Health in China

We recently discussed the challenges and opportunities for diagnostic players amidst and post- the COVID-19 chaos in the context of China’s health care system. In this issue, we will discuss another industry sector that may benefit from this global pandemic, digital health.

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Webinars and Digital Events


BHA Presents Study Results at the National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meeting

April 2021

Dr. Datar and colleagues used conjoint analysis to estimate preferences regarding kidney disease testing from 401 PCPs via a web survey. Hypothetical patient profiles created using clinical parameters demonstrated the clinical utility of a novel kidney diagnostic used to risk-stratify patients based on the risk of kidney function decline. Read the article here.

BHA Partners with Alcon to Conduct Real-World Study Highlighting Efficiencies of Optical Biometer in Cataract Surgery

December 2020

Alcon, a global leader in eye care, collaborated with Boston Healthcare to conduct a Time-and-Motion Study to support the value communication of its novel swept-source optical coherence tomography biometer, ARGOS®. The ISPOR abstract, titled, Time Efficiencies Associated with an Innovative Optical Biometer in Cataract Surgery Planning- A Time-and-Motion Study, can be found here, and will be published in the upcoming Value in Health Journal (December 2020 Issue, Volume 23 and Issue S2).

Boston Healthcare Presents Key Findings Associated With the Use of an AI-Enabled In Vitro Diagnostic Test

27 March 2020

The Boston Healthcare team presented key findings related to the health economic value associated with the use of an AI-enabled in vitro diagnostic test to identify CKD patients with type 2 diabetes at risk for rapid kidney function decline. BHA’s Senior Vice President, Thomas Goss, made a presentation during the late-breaker session at the National Kidney Foundation Spring Clinical Meeting in March 2020.

Read the article here:  https://bit.ly/2UKaJks

View the poster here:  https://bit.ly/2UFIx27

Diagnostics Developers Rapidly Utilizing New Payment Codes Established by PAMA

7 November 2018

Access the article from 360Dx here.

Clinical Omics

Compliance Conundrum: Genomic Health Faces DoJ Investigation after CMS Changes Date of Service Regs

Genomic Health has disclosed that it is the subject of a U.S. Department of Justice investigation into its compliance with changes that took effect in January to Medicare’s Date of Service billing regulation. Adam Crowther, Manager, spoke with Clinical Omics about the impact on diagnostics companies. Access the Article Here.

Medical Device & Diagnostics Industry

Considering Market Access Risk as Part of Today’s M&A Process

In an exclusive published today in Medical Device and Diagnostics Industry, Vice President, Rob Wenthold discusses the key market access issues examined during the M&A process and demonstrates the importance of market access to inform M&A through case studies and business decision-making in general. Read the article here.

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